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China Auto Modification Accessories Association Post Market Conference

activities 2018-06-08

In order to further promote and standardize the development of the domestic automobile post market, the China Auto refitting articles Association convened the "market conference after China automobile refitting articles Association" in September 22, 2017 at the M403 conference room of the National Convention and Exhibition Center of Hongqiao, Shanghai. Li Rengui, vice president Chen Jiang, deputy secretary general Yu Xin, and the head of the auto market related enterprises participated in the establishment of the conference. The market association of China Automotive modification supplies Association will play an important role in the field of China's automobile aftermarket.

The conference was chaired by Liu Xiaoying, general manager of Guangdong Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd. The meeting examined and adopted the regulations on the post market division and the first Council of the election, which successfully completed the preparatory work report, the division and the licensing ceremony and so on. The General Assembly elected the president of the China Auto refitting articles Association, President of Li Rengui and the chairman of the conference, and President of Jiangsu Kang Zhong auto Co., Ltd., President of Shang Baoguo, elected president Sun Tao, Cen Zhentang, Yu Zhenguo, Jing Pugao, Chen Jiang, Cui Gang, Cui Gang, merchants, and vice presidents. Li, Li Zhiguang, Qu Tingzhu, Deng Zhiying, Guo Jin, Shao Yonghe, Xu Kaipeng, Yang Zhaoping, Han Yueyue, Zheng Heng Jing, Cheng Xiang, Cheng Xiang, Cheng Xiang, Cheng Xiang, shall be the Secretary General of the branch, and the Secretariat of the branch is located in the China Reform Association.

Li Rengui, President of the China automobile refit Supplies Association, addressed the founding meeting and put forward requirements and hopes for the work of the post market branch. President Li pointed out that the work of the market branch after the China Auto modification Association experienced five years of preparation and brewing, and brought together the outstanding system of the nine major systems, such as the European cars, the American cars, the Japanese cars, the Korean cars, the vulnerable parts, the commercial cars, the mini cars, the inspection and maintenance, the school enterprise cooperation and so on. The successful convening of the meeting of the dealers, manufacturers and service providers is of special significance. This is the need of the enterprise, the need of the market, and the need of the industry. It will take the common wisdom of all the members and play a positive role in the healthy and orderly development of the rear market of our country. And actively contribute to the strength.

After the Chinese automobile modification Association, the market branch will play an important role in coordinating the relevant policies of the automobile market after the government, after introducing the management standards of the market related industries, fully reflecting the demands of the related enterprises after the market, safeguarding the rights and interests of the enterprises, and carrying out the self-discipline of the industry.