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2018 Beijing international endowment exhibition blooms Beijing

Press Release 2018-07-02

In March 15, 2018, the second China international pension Industry Expo was opened in Beijing. This exhibition is based on the new era, new industry, new development, new pension and new life. This industry expo will carefully plan the combination of forums and exhibitions to build a professional platform for the display, exchange and cooperation of the endowment industry.

2018 China International endowment industry expo has an area of more than 20000 square meters, attracting 527 outstanding enterprises from 8 countries, such as the United States, Italy, Japan and Canada, to participate in the exhibition. 2018 Beijing international endowment exhibition will be displayed around home care facilities, intelligent old-age care products, elderly health care and nursing supplies, elderly travel accessories appliances, old-age and livable products, and old-age service. At the same time, the exhibition focuses on introducing the scientific research and practical achievements of the international pension industry, and building a platform for the learning and exchange and integration of the old-age industry at home and abroad to promote the construction of the social endowment service system. The exhibition will last until March 17th. The exhibition will be held at Jingan Pavilion, China International Exhibition Center, Beijing.

2018 China international pension Industry Development Summit Forum is on the theme of "new era, new industry, new development, new pension and new life". It is closely related to the latest trend of the development of the pension industry. At the Forum on the integration of medical care in the afternoon of March 15th, Dr. Wu Dan star, a member of the Committee for the endowment of the Ministry of civil affairs, was on the two national meetings in March 13th, Wang Yong, the state councilor, was commissioned by the State Council to explain to the General Assembly on the reform programme of the State Council on the reform of the party and state institutions, which was adopted by the party in the third Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. According to the reform plan, the aging work will be led by the newly established national health and Health Committee, and the national medical security bureau is set up at the same time. The two new departments will affect the development of the pension industry in the future. What does it mean to the development of the combination of medical care in China? Dr. Wu Dan Xing expresses his understanding of the establishment of the two departments and interprets the two departments newly established by the State Council.

Cao Zhuojun, director of the center for industrial research of Zhongjian alliance, released the latest annual report on the development of China's health pension industry, and he analyzed the development of China's pension industry in 2017, and analyzed the development trend of China's pension industry in 2018.

The reform movement of 1898 is a year of change. In this year, China's aging work is facing a major adjustment. In this year, the pension industry will really begin to walk into the new era. Several experts pay attention to the policy, current situation and development trend of the combination of medical care. From the same angle, from the two levels of strategic height and tactical practice, the development of medical and nursing combination is explained in detail. Liu Yongpo, President of the Chinese traditional Chinese Medicine Association, introduced the application of the achievements of the traditional Chinese medicine in the Ministry of civil affairs in the old-age industry. The health care industry alliance and the Chinese traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Association cooperate to popularize traditional Chinese medicine techniques in the old-age industry, and serve the old-age industry by means of service. Last week, the health care industry alliance and the Chinese traditional medicine manipulation association were cooperative. In cooperation with Yuanyang Maoxuan Maobei garden, the traditional Chinese traditional methods of traditional Chinese medicine held in the old Yang Yuan Xuan Mao (Beijing Beiyuan) aged apartment have brought professional traditional Chinese medicine service experience to the elders, and they are well received by the elders. Zhongjian alliance is responsible for the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine in the pension industry. We look forward to working with you to enable the Ministry of civil affairs to benefit more from this research project.

On the forum, there are a number of enterprise representatives from the old-age line to share their experience. The representative of the Guizhou pension industry and Lin Xiaoxia, the chairman of the emperor of Guizhou, have gradually formed the development mode of the combination of medical care and school enterprise in the development of the emperor's drilling for the aged, and the chairman of Lin shares the rich experience. School enterprise integration and synergistic innovation in Guizhou health care service model, from the UK expert, Mark Carter, the British caring director general manager, sharing the 2018 year of the lead of the old age loss - non drug treatment. Mr. Mark described the non drug treatment in detail, and the non drug treatment has a great effect on the treatment of the loss of intelligence. Use. Nine Luo Xiaoyuan, general manager of the medical operation and management center of the urban pension group, gave a detailed explanation on the four level pension service system developed by nine, such as the city's development of medical care and health care.

With thinking, with the harvest, the first day of the forum activities ended, on the 16 and 17 March, will also be on the Chinese characteristics of the old-age community, tourism and travel for the elderly in China, the development of China's wisdom pension industry and the international experience exchange of the pension industry development. It is understood that friends from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Taiwan, China, from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Taiwan, China, were introduced in detail from a variety of advanced international pension models in the United States and Japan, including Professor DAN from Canada, a senior adviser to the alliance, DAN. Not only has the first-line nursing experience, but also the professor of UBC University in the US, has a very high theoretical level. Mr. Saito Takashiya from Japan is a representative of Japan's pension innovation. He also reported to the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo on the issue of pension innovation.

Look forward to the wonderful content of the next two days!

Exhibition and forum address: China International Exhibition Center, six North Sanhuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.