China International Senior Care & Rehabilitation Expo

October 29-31 , 2021    China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing


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Retrospect of exhibitors - Silver swallow moxibustion

Exhibitor News 2018-07-02

Shanghai Yin Yan moxibustion health management consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, and is the strategic partner of Shanghai Shuguang TCM foundation. In the past twenty years, the company and Research Institute have been committed to the research and development of "safe, noninvasive, warm and effective" moxibustion technology. This technology has been selected as the operating standard of traditional Chinese medicine (suspended moxibustion), which has been recognized by the administration of traditional Chinese medicine, and is widely used in health health care industry. The recent twenty years' practice has proved that many western medicine can not be solved in old age, and it can be relieved by the safe and noninvasive moxibustion technology and greatly improve the quality of life of the old people in their later years. In order to adapt to the old service project vigorously advocated by the state, the Shanghai voluntary service public welfare foundation has authorized our department to use social strength to train a large number of volunteers to serve the elderly.