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Unlimited business opportunities: Ten growth points in China's pension services sector

Industry News 2018-07-02

At present, the aging process of China's population is speeding up. By the end of 2017, the population aged 60 or above had reached 240 million, accounting for 17.3% of the total population. Among them, the elderly population aged 65 or above accounted for 158 million, accounting for 11.4% of the total population. It is expected that the population of our country will reach 300 million by 2025. To vigorously develop the old-age service and related industries is an urgent need to respond to the aging and ensure the improvement of the people's livelihood. It is also an important grasp of the effective expansion of domestic demand, the promotion of economic development and the increase of employment. Looking at the current and future periods, there are 10 aspects of growth that need to be grasped, concentrated, and grasped.

Energetically developing community pension service industry

Community pension service is the basic support of home care for the aged. To speed up the improvement of the hardware facilities and supporting services of the community pension, it has a multifaceted effect on the expansion of the service supply, investment and the development of service industry at the door of the elderly. On the one hand, to fill the gap of community pension service facilities can effectively stimulate investment. At present, there are 26 thousand community care facilities and facilities in the country, covering only about 4% of the urban and rural communities. The existing pension facilities are aging and single service. If we can build an old-age place with the functions of old table, nursing, cultural entertainment and other functions in every urban and rural community, and reform the existing facilities, there will be a huge investment demand. At the same time, in the community to promote the endowment of information technology, intelligent construction, create "no walled nursing homes", also can pull a large number of investment. On the other hand, increasing the supply of community care services can increase employment. The community provides rich and diverse services such as meal delivery, bathing, hairdresser, escort and other services for the elderly, which plays an important role in accelerating the development of the service industry and expanding employment.

Speeding up the construction of various kinds of pension institutions

In 2017, there were about 7300000 old age beds in the country, with 30.4 beds per thousand old people. According to the plan of 35 to 40 beds for every 1000 people in the "13th Five-Year" period, there are about 2000000 gaps. According to the investment of 200 thousand yuan per bed, we need to increase investment by 400 billion yuan. The construction should be accelerated by "three steps". First, the "bottom up" pension institutions as the focus of government investment. At present, the public pension institutions with complete functions and reasonable charges are in short supply. We should maintain the government's commitment to the public pension institutions, and focus on providing support for the "three no" needy elderly. The two is to introduce more social capital operation public pension institutions. The implementation of public sector private and public run private sector pension institutions can not only improve business efficiency, but also effectively stimulate private investment. In this regard, the government can support private capital access by way of free rent and bed allowance. The three is to encourage private investment in the construction of market-oriented high-end pension institutions. This not only meets the needs of the elderly in diversified pension needs, but also helps broaden the scope of private capital investment.

Implementation of housing adaptation for aging

In the 6 storey buildings built in 70s and 80s twentieth Century, about 80% did not install elevators or elevators and ramps, and the old people went up and down and used wheelchairs, and many became "indoor old people", and the desire for these families to adapt to aging was very strong. Looking from the whole country, the installation of elevator and barrier free ramp for old residences will bring huge investment demand. According to the property property of the house, we should raise funds in a variety of ways, carry out government subsidies, share the owners, and promote the house managed by the government and the state-owned units by the government and the units, and move the huge investment demand in this field as soon as possible.

Actively promoting the combination of medical and medical care

About 7 of the elderly in China are in a state of "sick survival". Promoting the combination of medical treatment and rehabilitation is not only convenient for the elderly to see a doctor nearby, but also can release potential investment and consumption demand. On the one hand, we must speed up the establishment of a new batch of medical and nursing facilities and effectively stimulate social investment. At present, only 23.6% of the nursing institutions have hospitals, medical rooms, nursing stations and other medical facilities, and there are more than 80 thousand nursing institutions lacking medical services. The provision of medical facilities and services to these old age institutions and the simultaneous planning and construction of medical facilities for newly built pension institutions will bring a lot of investment. On the other hand, we need to expand the supply of medical services to better meet the needs of medical consumption for the elderly. At present, some hospitals and infirmary facilities built by some pension institutions are relatively small in scale and difficult to obtain medical insurance designated qualifications. Even if they are included in the medical insurance system, because of the limitation of medical insurance coverage, they often lack medical care and medicine. The elderly have to go to hospitals in the city regularly to prescribe drugs. Community health service providers also have prominent problems such as insufficient investment and lack of on-site service. We should speed up the improvement of medical services for the elderly institutions and communities so as to ensure the health needs of the elderly and promote the development of related industries such as medical care.

Development of rehabilitation, nursing and hospice care

At present, the supply of rehabilitation, nursing and hospice care in China is seriously insufficient, and the number of specialized service agencies is very small. First, we should vigorously support the construction of rehabilitation services. There are about 40000000 disabled and half disabled elderly people in China. Most of them need rehabilitation therapy. At present, there are only 338 hospitals and 52 thousand beds in the national rehabilitation hospitals, and only 1.2% of the rehabilitation beds in medical and health institutions. It is necessary to improve the rehabilitation service system and support the construction of rehabilitation services and facilities in the areas of planning and financial resources according to the goal of rehabilitation for all the disabled and disabled groups. Two, we strongly support the construction of nursing institutions and the development of nursing profession. Nursing is the "soul" of the service for the aged. Most of the existing pension institutions in China are lacking