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The next vane of the "old-age service industry"

Industry News 2018-06-20

With the increasing population of aging in China, the burden of only children is becoming more and more heavy. A child in Ping Jun needs to take care of 4 old people.

The retirement age of the elderly in China is 60, while Japan is 65 years old. The elderly in Korea are still looking for jobs at seventy years old. This is another problem, and the number of idle elderly people is increasing. At their retirement age, they usually walk dogs or square dance. The Korean elderly are still looking for jobs at this age. There are specialized elderly people who are seeking employment. For example, the express delivery company suitable for the elderly is, of course, a small package. Scavengers, sanitation workers, small factory workers and so on.

Of course, the national conditions are different, and the specific way of life is different. In China, ten percent of the elderly have retired wages because of the rural population base. Then the remaining ninety percent of the elderly depended on their children and the subsidy of the state, in this case the living conditions were not ideal, the small editor was to do fire engineering, once in various places for a number of nursing homes for the transformation of fire protection facilities, in front of the sight of a small room, Liu Qiping rice size, the environment is very bad, taste, Very bad, I was thinking, if our own parents live here, they will not feel comfortable in their hearts, and will be ashamed of their parenting. This kind of living situation is indeed existing in the domestic pension environment. After all, the rich are a small group of people.

Quality of life is a measure of social well-being. It is the trend of social progress and development to standardize the living environment of the elderly and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

The "old-age service industry" is the Lantian with the rapid development of the next service industry. It involves the services of old age insurance, old tourism, community service, home care, old people's products and so on. Of course, we should also pay attention to some bad phenomena in society, protect the rights of the elderly and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

With the opening of the policy, the public and private nursing homes are open in many cities. Through the form of bidding, the limited operation of the nursing home is completed, when the operation is limited, it is the standard operation of the state to the nursing home, and some illegal phenomena are eliminated.

"The old age service industry" is an indispensable part in the only child era. It solves the worries for the children and solves the burden for the society.