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In the era of global fermentation of artificial intelligence technology, with the continuous development and promulgation of "China made 2025", "the medium and long term development plan of the automobile industry", "national vehicle networking industry standard system construction guide (2017)", and so on, the development of China's automobile will be "intellectualized" step by step. The main idea is to give priority to and give consideration to the network connection. As a cross field across many industries, such as automobile, electronics, sensing, communication, navigation, software, chip, and Internet, the development and testing of the key components and systems of auto driving vehicles at home is still in the primary stage.

In order to promote the better healthy and rapid development of China's intelligent network auto industry, the "advanced manufacturing" all media joint Shanghai transnational purchasing center Co., Ltd. will hold the "FUMO2017 (second) future automobile conference" in Shanghai in September 21, 2017. At that time, the industry will gather in the main vehicle plant and leading technology, service providers are on the future development trend of automobile "and" intelligent manufacturing "," smart car network "and" Internet plus car service "and other topics to discuss. We sincerely invite you to join us in making joint efforts to promote the efficient development of the automotive industry.

General assembly of the general assembly

Time: September 21, 2017

Location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Scale: 300 people

Theme: intelligence, net, service

Main topic

The development trend of China's automobile industry in the future intelligent, networking and electrification

The standard system construction of intelligent net union vehicle

Automobile intelligent manufacturing and personalized customization

Advanced driving auxiliary system and artificial intelligence

Intelligent vehicle network service

New technology of intelligent vehicle

Advanced automotive electronics technology

Post market service and large data analysis

Automobile information security technology

Pilot demonstration of intelligent nets


Government related institutions, trade associations, associations, and so on;

Automobile mainframe factory, component manufacturers (advanced sensors, intelligent vehicle equipment, core components and other accessories suppliers, etc.), information software technology suppliers (large data, cloud services, etc.), information hardware manufacturers (industrial automation equipment vendors, etc.), basic installation service providers (communication equipment construction and operation) Service providers, energy, Power Grid Corp, etc., e-commerce and Internet related enterprises (automotive safety systems, remote information processing, navigation and positioning systems, post market service providers, etc.);

Universities and scientific research institutions, financial institutions and legal service providers, consulting companies, etc.

The media of the automobile industry, the mass media.